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R & D Center
                                                                                                                                                 Innovation, Built to Last

Five Source Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou is a surface material and engineering industries as the leader, sets technology development, production and management, engineering and technical services as one of the national high-tech joint-stock enterprises. Mainly responsible for the company's technology center following the daily work of several departments.

Equipment Department of Surface Engineering

Mainly related to general painting equipment, special coating equipment design, engineering and aluminum anodizing. We are committed to providing customers with innovative, energy saving and environmental protection programs in the production and assembly to reduce costs, improve quality and more flexible. Our product is the standard modular design, but also prepared according to the special needs of customers personalization features

Surface Materials Division
Focused on pre-coating materials and coating materials manufacturing and post-processing R & D, surface treatment involving the automotive, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, consumer goods, maintenance and packaging industries, and there are many products and craftsmen Civilian products. And the Division's Acting U.S. saving and environmental protection by pre-treatment liquid - silane, to replace the traditional phosphate treatment.

Surface Engineering Research Institute
Focused on new product development, intellectual property rights applications, technical standards development, technology demonstration, system monitoring and information network establishment and management.

Energy Engineering Division (Deputy U.S. Energy Group open source products)
Divided into high-energy devices and infrared drying equipment, high frequency / microwave drying equipment, new energy materials, applications automobile parts, household appliances, doors, hardware and other areas of water-based paint coating

Co-operation with
United States Energy Engineering Group open source (KEY)
U.S. technology companies by Section (ECOSIL)
HC Network
Zhejiang Industry University
Zhejiang University

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