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The 23rd International Exhibition of Surface Treatment, the five source development style, peer praise Qi

     The end of September 2010, the company co-partner in South China hands took part in the Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center of the "twenty-third International Exhibition of Surface Treatment", the surface treatment industry for the international largest and most authoritative exhibition industry , The exhibition has attracted industry leaders from around the world and exhibitors. Five Source Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou as the show's sponsors and exhibitors, after careful preparations and arrangements for the successful completion of the exhibition, and achieved good results.

     During the exhibition, Hangzhou, five great source of information processing in the silane pre-treatment of coating (silane products, machinery production equipment, technology, detection), the leading display technologies have attracted the interest of friends in the industry, and has been visiting Friends of the widely recognized, and the quality of the products gave a high evaluation. Through this exhibition, Hangzhou, five sources and a large number of high-quality customers to establish a mutually beneficial cooperative relations of mutual trust, and invites friends in the industry all over the country come to visit our company and sincerely hope that in the future and seek common development with customers, create brilliant.
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