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Industry News

Chromium-free organic coating of aluminum surface treatment technology seminar. Foshan

In "Twenty-third International Exhibition of Surface Treatment," During the show, I invited the United States technology companies by Section Chief Scientist, Professor Wim van Ooij (Wim professor) to visit China.
Period, the Guangdong Provincial Committee of Nonferrous Metals Society of the preparatory group of aluminum and aluminum Nanhai District, Foshan City Association Technical Expert Committee is scheduled for September 29, 2010 was held in Dali Town, Nanhai, "chromium-free organic coating of aluminum surface Processing Symposium. " At the seminar, Professor Zhu Zufang Wim majority of teachers are experts and technicians to conduct a special technical seminars - Silane pre-treatment technology in surface treatment of aluminum alloy, and the presence of hundreds of experts and a lively communication, access to a wide range of praise in the hope that silane technology in aluminum building materials industry, Foshan and other places to solve the problem of hexavalent chromium contamination, for the benefit of more enterprises and society.

"Chromium-free chemical conversion treatment progress at home and abroad"
- Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Professor Zhu Zufang
Expert Profile: Professor Zhu Zufang, senior engineer, engaged in non-ferrous metals in the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute of Corrosion and Protection work. Professor Zhu Zufang 1992 enjoy special government allowances of the State Council, China's non-ferrous metal corrosion and surface technology, the authority of experts, engaged in or presided over a high-temperature oxidation of refractory metal coating, the corrosion of titanium zirconium welding area, the application of corrosion cracking of titanium , aluminum anodizing process, design and additives research and production, as the old copper surface treatment, micro-arc oxidation of aluminum alloy and tin-plated copper strip for electronic industry and production design, process research and development. Have compiled published in "Corrosion Handbook", "non-ferrous metal corrosion and its Applications" and other monographs five (including a translation), at international conferences and papers published at home and abroad more than 50 articles.

"Aluminum Powder Technology and Application of silane pre-treatment"
- Wim American technology companies by Professor Branch
Expert Profile: Wim Professor (Dr. Wim Van Ooij), the United States in accordance with Section (Ecosil) chief technology officer, University of Cincinnati (University of Cincinnati), chief scientist known surface treatment, the world's first technical solutions proposed to silane treatment phosphate, chromium passivation process, more than 20 years of history. With over 350 papers and professional articles, has 50 more patents in 2003, scientific and technological achievements into products will be welcomed by the users. And talent and around the world as the University of Cincinnati doctoral student in the guidance.
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