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Industry News

Painting Chapter successfully held annual meeting in Lake

Branch of China Surface Engineering Association coating on November 7, 2010 ~ November 9 (7 of them reported) Lake in Zhejiang Province three Board of Directors and the sixth was held in 2010 will, held the evening of November 7 to expand the Council Meeting, 8 November plenary meeting, the afternoon of November 8 and 9, respectively, conducted a special technical sessions. Members attending this meeting representatives from 99 people.

After representatives of the General Assembly reports and consideration of all the members, the meeting made the following resolution

1. to consider, through the coating Branch Secretariat Report 2010
    2. to consider, through the "Branch of China Surface Engineering Coating Association Management Regulations "
    3. to consider, through the "China Surface Engineering Association Award of Science and Technology of Coating Industry Measures "
    4. to consider the adoption of collecting, editing, "Surface Engineering Coating Industry Business Directory" of the work program
      5. group discussion of the "Twelve. V" coating industry development plan.

Hangzhou, as the annual meeting of the five co-source unit of the company and sponsors, has given full support to the annual meeting.

During the meeting, Wang Xichun and other industry experts on cleaner production, industry standards and technology exchanges have been made in the wonderful speeches and lectures. Circle clock company engineers at the General Assembly made a special technical reports. Participants to this new technology had a strong interest, showing samples of the heated discussions of the decorative electroplating technology in the alternative technical feasibility.
   It is reported that the 2010 annual meeting a compilation of chapters Proceedings painting, collection of professional and technical papers, articles 41, published 27, published album with members of the exchange. Our Institute, which "is a room temperature non-phosphorus detergent Water Development Fund"and"mirror coating technology and application of nanotechnology, " were also chosen.
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