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Industry News

Lw Aluminum Technology (International) Forum held in Guangzhou

      Lw 2010 Fourth Aluminum Technology (International) forum scheduled for December 2010 3 to 5 days held in Guangzhou. The forum coincided with the tenth session of the Guangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games being held in Guangzhou is China's aluminum industry to promote industrial restructuring, accelerate the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction strategies, and take the road of independent innovation, held under the new situation .
China is already the world's aluminum power, power is moving in the global aluminum forge ahead. In response to the urgent task of global warming, China's aluminum industry must strengthen the development and promotion of energy-saving technology, environmental technology, low-carbon economy, technology, promote the green economy, economy, low carbon economy, and further rely on technological innovation, can be Sustainable development. "Lw Aluminum Technology (International) Forum " have been held since 2001, a third, a total of more than 500 articles exchange papers, widely recognized outside the trade.
   The "Lw 2010 Aluminum Technology (International) Forum " and Lw by the Guangzhou Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals Aluminum processing technology consulting Information Service Center co-sponsored the forum's theme is: Science Application of green to enhance the development of China Aluminum Aluminum expand To meet the strength and level of opportunities and challenges. "Lw 2010 Aluminum Technology (International) Forum " is dedicated to aluminum industry and related industries and foreign scholars, experts, entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians and management personnel display technology research and innovation, to carry out business and personal communication and discussion, to build technology And trade cooperation platform.
    Surface Engineering Institute, the company "before the chrome aluminum powder coating of nano-film processing technology of"research papers are included in the Proceedings of the Forum, the paper a more comprehensive display of our company in the aluminum powder coating Chromium-free treatment before loading the latest technology.
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